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Remember the time when lawyers were highly trained artisans that honed their craft both in their offices and the Courts? After all, if the lawyer could not defend the document he or she had drawn for the client, the client was not well represented. It is out of this tradition of highly trained draftsmen and litigators that Kohl Harris Nolan & McCarthy P.C. was born.

Kohl, Harris, Nolan & McCarthy P.C. has served the needs of its clients and the community in innumerable ways by it's proven dedication to the advancement of its clients objectives, steadfast representation with individualized attention and planning regardless of size or complexity, prudent advice regarding each client's unique needs and circumstances, and a commitment to preservation of the ethical practice of law.

At Kohl, Harris, Nolan & McCarthy, we believe that your attorneys should always act reasonably, responsibly, and professionally. In an often contentious situation, your attorney should be the calming factor, the guiding force, to see you through the troubled times in the successful handling of any legal issue.

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